3 Points to Consider to Achieve a Beautiful Garden Space

Posted on: Monday , 2 January 2017 Posted By: admin

Landscapes are an important part of your living environment. You may choose to differ but the truth is that the spirits of your home can be lifted just by your attractively landscaped outdoors. Where on one hand a dull or inappropriate landscape can mess up with the appearance of your home, on the other hand, a pleasing and beautiful yard can boost the curb appeal of your home and make it welcoming not only for you but also for all the visitors. By having such yards, you will have another reason for enjoying your home.

Knowing that landscapes can enhance the beauty of your home and make your home complete, it becomes imperative to succeed in landscaping and gardening at your place. It is something which is easier said than done. Read on to find out three points you should keep in your mind in order to ensure that the outcome of your efforts that go in landscape gardening in Essex is nothing less than perfect.

1. Plan before you plant: Planning is really important before you take the plunge. A lot goes into bringing together a beautiful, functional and flawless yard. While planting, paving, decorating, etc. may sound easy, there is a great scope for errors to stop you from creating the garden of your dreams. It may even become hard to admit later for you upon realizing that your garden is not up to the mark that you failed to take into proper consideration a very small but important part of gardening such as plant selection.

So, to avoid that to happen with your garden, you should plan before you plant. It means you should draw a base map, analyze your homesite for vegetation, topography and climate, analyze your neighborhood, evaluate your needs, consider the shape of the lot, its dimensions, what all you want it to accommodate, location of sidewalk, driveway, garage, fountain, etc., plan outdoor “use” areas and map all these things.

2. Be consistent with landscape design principles: It is vital to keep your yard consistent with certain underlying landscape design principles. After all, you cannot afford to have a landscape with elements added in a hotchpotch way and that do not add up to create a unified picture. Such are the mistakes that landscape design principles save you from. To start with, your landscape must have unity; that is to say, its visual characteristics must have something in common. Such as, its plants should maintain uniformity; there should be a harmony between various colours and textures; paving should have a design, colour or texture pattern; etc.

Apart from unity, there should be a visual balance – symmetrical or asymmetrical – in your landscape design. And then don’t forget to accentuate certain areas or focal points. And it goes without saying that you have to take care of properly utilizing the space you have for landscaping.

3. Planting needs to be done carefully: You cannot go easy on planting, especially when you know you can muddle up the landscape if you select plants without giving an inkling of thought on their site conditions, weather, suitability for your landscape design and other factors to name a few. To understand this point better, consider this: there would be a little scope for adjusting a medicinal plant in your landscape if you want to work out a super elegant garden. So, plants needs to be selected carefully. Take into consideration soil, topography, design and theme of your landscape for the purpose. Even if you are planning to add a splash of colours to your garden, you should not mindlessly pick all the vivid flowering plants without thinking about the plan you have to stick to.

Professional landscape gardeners in Essex keep these three points in their minds; that’s how they come up with impressive yards that get the approvals from aesthetes and specialists from all over the world. If you, too, want to bring about a fine garden with no mistake, then bear these aforementioned points in your mind all along.