A Woodland Garden in Stock, Essex

Clients had acquired additional land at the foot of their garden in Stock, Essex, which was quite heavily wooded with largely self-sown trees.

It was hard to use and enjoy and all that they could foresee was a lot of labour in clearing up leaf litter each autumn.

We were commissioned to develop ideas and a design which was speedily approved. With budget agreed, we were off!

Poor trees were thinned, allowing for more light for attractive underplanting – and more all year round interest. Paths were constructed in free draining crushed limestone, which snaked their way through the trees, making for an interesting woodland walk and a sense of adventure for grandchildren.

The transition from the more formal garden to the woodland was then completed with a circular paved seating area and marginal planting

Occasional low level lighting added a magical touch and customers were now able to fully enjoy their new acquisition.

“It’s just lovely. The grandchildren are going to have a whale of a time.”

View the design drawings for this project in detail here

Woodland Garden edit_lo2