Autumn is upon us

Posted on: Tuesday , 7 July 2015 Posted By: admin

With autumn almost upon us, the days are getting shorter and the list of garden jobs just seems to be getting longer. Following one of the wettest summers on record, the last few weeks of warmer weather have encouraged our gardens to put on a last minute flourish. It seems the confusion of seasons is encouraging an autumn growth spurt!

Leaves have begun to fall, but the grass hasn’t slowed its growth just yet. It is important to get the leaves cleared off to allow the grass to take advantage of these extra weeks of growth before the final cut of the year.

Perennials can be cut back once they have finished flowering. Dead and decaying material can be removed, leaving flower heads and seed pods to provide winter interest as well as food and habitat for wildlife.

Hedges can be cut back at this time of year as all nesting birds should have flown, although it may be a good idea where possible to leave areas of berries to provide food for the birds in the coming months. This is also the time to assess hedgerows for suitable stretches for laying. This will provide the hedge with many more years growth without compromising the integrity of a boundary.

Autumn is also the ideal time to have a good look around the garden to assess paths and paving. Loose or lifted slabs can become a trip hazard and dips will fill with rain and dirt over the winter months, causing unsightly and slippery surfaces. If repairs or replacements are needed, autumn is actually one of the best times to contact a local, accredited landscaper. As the weather draws in, you will probably not be spending so much time in the garden, so why not have the professionals in your garden instead? When spring comes the garden will then be ready to be enjoyed with new beds and borders ready for planting.

Men pulling a tree down