Irrigation Essex

Investing in an automated irrigation system, ensures the best results for your new planting and lawn areas.

Its focussed approach makes far more economical use of water – delivering it exactly when and where it is needed. We are also able to advise on rainwater harvesting and the recycling of ‘grey’ water (from baths and showers) to augment the use of your mains supply.

Turfing and Seeding Essex

Turf laying for smaller gardens is the perfect ‘instant’ and weed free solution for that new lawn. For larger estates, the use of ‘big roll’ turf speeds up the process and transforms large areas within a day or two.

Grass seed is a lower cost solution, and very effective at the right time of year. Managing germination and weed competition presents a challenge, so it’s a good idea to ask for our advice on the pros and cons.

The key to subsequent management and maintenance is not only about expertise, but also having the right tools for the job. If you need help – whether with large or smaller areas, just ask.

Exterior Lighting Essex

At Haskett, we offer exceptional quality exterior lighting to both residential and commercial customers across Essex. Lighting can have a fantastic effect on your surroundings, and exterior lighting can throw a touch of class and beauty to your outside areas. Garden lighting is becoming increasingly popular, with many residential gardens and venue outside areas investing in lights to create a sophisticated and warm ambience. This lighting will also highlight your special garden features such as plants, shrubs, trees, rockeries, benches and statues.

Our specialist exterior lighting team have a vast amount of experience and knowledge and can advise you of the best lighting solutions to enhance your garden. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, styles and finishes for your lights, so you can be sure they will fit well with the design of your outdoor area. We are a customer-focused business, and our professional approach to exterior lighting means we aim for and achieve fantastic results and customer satisfaction every time. We have worked with a many suppliers and have undertaken projects both big and small. We select our range of products based on their quality, performance and style so you can be assured you will only receive the very best to suit your budget.

Whether you are looking for LED lights or pretty lights for your garden walls or path, at Haskett, we will have the perfect outdoor lighting solution for you. Our lighting is durable and long-lasting, which is an essential factor with the UK weather. Lighting up an outdoor space can give it a whole new life, and with so many lighting options available for your garden, you are sure to find the one that lights up your life!

We strongly advise that a fully qualified electrician installs any electrical items to ensure safety.

For more information on Exterior Lighting, please call our Essex office on 01277 899325

Entrances and Driveways in Essex

At Haskett, our extensive experience in the driveway design and construction industry makes us a superior choice for driveway construction and maintenance in Essex.

With many years of in-depth knowledge in driveway construction, Haskett has a team of professionals that are both skilled and extremely passionate about their work.

We provide professional driveway design, construction and maintenance services to homes and business across Essex. A well-presented driveway makes all the difference to the front of a building and could be a deal-breaker for many home buyers. A beautifully constructed and well-maintained driveway is the ideal entrance to your home or business, giving a fantastic impression to visitors and making your property stand out. We have an exceptionally high standard of specification and installation as well as an excellent eye for detail. From the foundations beneath your driveway to the finish on the surface, our team will ensure you get the perfect driveway for your property.

Haskett understands the importance of considering the surrounding of your exterior area when planning a driveway installation. All gates, plantation and features will be incorporated, and a plan will be devised.  We have created stunning driveways of all varieties. We construct to suit all shapes and sizes, all settings and all budgets. Various surface types can be used when laying a driveway, each with their unique benefits. These materials include concrete, natural stone, tarmac, resin bonded and block paving. Our experienced team are available to provide the very best advice to help you choose the best design and surface material to suit your setting and budget. We will also make sure you are informed of the best methods of retaining that fresh ‘just laid’ look for your surface.

Our driveway installation process is swift and hassle-free. Our workers will cause minimum disruption and prioritise customer satisfaction throughout the job. Get in touch with our friendly construction team today on 01277 899325 to receive a free quote and find out how we can bring your driveway plans to life in the most cost-effective way.

Gates and Fencing Essex

The front of a property is an aesthetically important part. First impressions count, and whether you have a residential or business property, you will naturally want the exterior to look appealing. A beautifully laid driveway framed with stunning gates will enhance the appearance and value of any property. As well as being visually pleasing, gates bring security to your premises. Children and pets are safer in gated areas, making the outside grounds a place to enjoy without risk. The addition of gates can also act as an effective deterrent for criminals.

At Haskett, we pride ourselves on providing and installing only the best quality manual and fully automated gate systems. Our team of experts are armed with extensive experience and knowledge and can advise you on the best gating or fencing solution for you. We have a variety of options for gates and fencing in Essex to suit all budgets and needs. We also have access to a selection of talented artisans in metal and woodwork. We have placed commissions for dedicated rabbit proof gating with a local craftsman. This has delivered outstanding results.

Whether you are looking for fencing or gates in Essex, we have a multitude of styles to suit all tastes. Our gate and fencing solutions for properties in and around Essex are a cost-effective way of enhancing the appeal, safety and value of your property. Whether you require gates to simply keep pets and children safe, or you want a more intricate automated gate system to boost security, Haskett have the tools and team for the job.

Gates and fencing can be installed in a wide range of height, style and finishes. Contact our team today for advice on the best gate or fencing solutions to suit your property and needs. Our team work quickly and safely, blending into your routine so as not to cause disruption. You will be left with a stunning gate or fence that immediately adds appeal to your site.

Call Haskett on 01277 899325 for more information.

Modern Garden Design

Modern Garden Design


Whether you are starting from scratch, or simply want to improve what you have, working to a detailed design will sometimes be essential.

Our design service is a partnership, with a great deal of careful listening on our part regarding your special requirements and tastes, the look and feel, preferred colours, etc., and then the opportunity for us to add ideas and creative solutions based upon our many years of experience and technical qualifications.

The output from this dialogue may include: detailed scale drawings, mood boards, samples, detailed planting schemes with thumbnail pictures of each plant or shrub recommended and a description of what it does, when it does it – will guarantee all year round interest and a maintenance regime that suits your needs.

You will have ownership of this package in return for an agreed fixed fee to cover our designers’ time, which will then enable you to seek competitive quotes from other landscapers including (we hope!) ourselves.

If we are awarded the contract – for the soft landscaping – you will be given an on line maintenance diary without additional charge tailored precisely to your garden.

At the beginning of and during this process we will maintain a budget dialogue, doing all that we can to ensure that the design delivered does not threaten your preferred spend.

Modern garden design and planting underway, a director of the company will be given personal responsibility for your project, ensuring a reliable point of contact for queries or changes throughout. The work will invariably be priced on a fixed basis and, if there are no changes to the agreed scope, you can rest assured that the cost will be as stated at the outset.

As we have complete confidence in the quality of our workmanship, we are able to offer an unequivocal guarantee on all hard landscaping for 12 months from delivery – backed further by the reassurance you are given through Haskett’s membership of the Association of Professional Landscapers and the Government endorsed TrustMark.

There are few things quite as traditional and special as a beautifully designed and constructed brick wall and again, we have all the in house skills to deliver, whether in brick or stone, or other material of your choice.

Choosing paving can be quite a challenge – especially with ready access to Indian products for all. Knowing what you ‘get for your money’ is absolutely key and our staff can give the very best advice, ensuring that you get the best product available to suit your budget, from the lower cost real stone, to premium products for that ‘very special’ look.

We have access to the full range, both contemporary and traditional and feel confident that we shall be able to deliver the look you are after at the right price.

Tree Planting in Essex and Suffolk

Our start point is to listen with great care to the simpler, but important things like: preferred colours, loves or hates, family needs (children, pets, etc.) maintenance preferences.

We can then deliver, not only detailed planting schemes to match and suit your budget, but also an on-line maintenance programme tailored specifically for your garden. Using all our contacts and the very best suppliers of specific products, we aim to create a picture that gives all year round pleasure and enjoyment.

Landscaping Ponds and Streams Essex

There is nothing as relaxing as sitting quietly listening to the sound of your stream trickling past.

If you already have a stream that may need a little TLC or a piece of garden that may lend itself to being ‘converted’ into a stream, we have the necessary skills within our team to make your dreams a reality.

At Haskett we are very experienced in both building new ponds and also restoring old ones back to their former glory. Whether this is in a natural setting to encourage wildlife, or a more formal contemporary design, we have the skills and experience to provide you with the very best solutions.

Decking Services in Essex and Suffolk

At Haskett we understand what a beautiful addition decking is for any garden area. We provide exceptional quality decking construction to homes and businesses across Essex and Suffolk. A well-installed and maintained decking can boost the appeal and value of a property. Decking is a common garden feature choice across all parts of the UK, with both homeowners and business owners adding decking areas to the outside of their properties. Many restaurants and pubs, as well as private residential properties, have a decking area that they enjoy all year round.

There are good reasons for the popularity of decking. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, but it is a fantastic place to unwind. Another good thing about decking is that it can be installed quickly and affordably using our professional team at Haskett. Our workers will assess the area, letting you know all the work involved and costs upfront. Whether you opt for composite or wooden decking, we can safely and efficiently construct and install your decking area, leaving your garden looking fantastic. We use only the best quality materials to ensure you have long-lasting, outstanding results.

It is important to be aware of the maintenance required to get the most out of your decking. Caring for it correctly will enhance longevity and therefore give you more value. Although decking is a less expensive option than paving, it does come with some requirements. The UK weather means dirt, algae and moss can quickly build up on the surface, causing it to be unsightly and a slip hazard. There are some simple steps you can take to ensure this is not an issue. We have an in-depth understanding of decking and how to care for it. Contact Haskett for professional advice on decking and other garden feature options. We will make sure you are fully armed with all the relevant information in order to make an informed decision.

Call our Essex office on 01277 899325

Walls Essex

At Haskett, we know that wall construction and installation is an integral part of landscaping.

The addition of a stunning wall to any home or business exterior or interior will add value and appeal instantly. We have a team of specialists with the best tools and strategies to ensure every client gets the perfect wall for their premises.

The material used when constructing a wall is mostly down to personal preference. The look of the wall will depend on the environment in which it is installed. We understand that these details matter and our experts can design and install walls to suit all needs. Perhaps you require a low-level retaining wall for your garden, or maybe your business would benefit from the addition of a natural stone wall. Our experience means we can advise you of the best design and work with you to deliver the perfect result. Our walling will complement both the interior and exterior of any building and work will be carried out quickly and cost-effectively,

Our attention to detail and high standards of preparation mean we can carry out your walling project in a hassle-free way. We can repair, enhance and demolish existing walls, transforming your space and boosting aesthetic appeal. Our walling equipment is second to none and armed with this and our sound knowledge of the trade we pride ourselves on finishing our walling projects to an exceptional standard every time.

Our team are at hand to advise you. We can assess your site to establish exact requirements and come up with the perfect solution for you. Our case studies demonstrate walling projects that we have completed across the Essex and Suffolk areas. You will see the transformation that is possible when using Haskett for your masonry projects.

For more information, please call us on 01277 899325.

Garden Paving Services in Essex and Suffolk

Haskett provide professional garden paving services to residential and business customers across Essex and Suffolk.

Paving is an increasingly popular choice over the last few decades. Many front and back gardens boast paving features, from paths and driveways to patios and water features. Choosing the best paving to suit your needs can be a tricky task. At Haskett, we have an in-depth understanding of the types of paving and will ensure you get the perfect feature for your premises. Our staff are fully trained, reliable and experienced and can, therefore, issue the advice you need in order to feel confident with your choice of paving. It is key to know what you are getting for your money, and we can help make sure your needs are met most cost-effectively.

Haskett has access to a broad range of paving products, from high-end products for that distinctive look, to lower-priced real stone products. Paving is a relatively low-maintenance and long-lasting investment and having the best paving product professionally laid by Haskett will enhance your property visually as well as value-wise. Whether you are looking for contemporary or traditional paving, we will work with you to deliver the style you want for the best price possible.

The installation of a paving feature is made fast and hassle-free with Haskett. We work swiftly and professionally, causing minimum disruption. Our team will advise you on the best way to retain the fresh new look of your paving. Simple maintenance routines can increase the longevity of your paving and protect it against the elements. Any external surface will be vulnerable to a build-up of algae, dirt and general wear, and paving is no exception. We will guide you to the best paving style to suit your requirements and settings.

Contact our Essex office on 01277 899325 for more information on how we can help you.