Coppicing Essex

Haskett provide a professional, reliable and cost-effecting coppicing and pollarding service to all areas of Essex.

Coppicing and pollarding are traditional methods of aiding nature through pruning, cutting and tree management. Coppicing involves cutting a tree or shrub down to the root and encouraging new growth from the stump. Cutting to ground level will help to stimulate regeneration while permitting the development of underplanting by increasing ground-level light penetration.

Pollarding is a pruning system that involves removing or cutting the top branches of a tree to enable fresh growth. Both coppicing and pollarding are classic pruning techniques that can be used to not only encourage new growth but also to enhance the area aesthetically. Pollarding will reduce the shade that is cast by trees, improving light and therefore growth for lower-level plants and shrubs.

Haskett performs coppicing and pollarding to residential land, commercial land, countryside, woodlands and nature reserves across Essex and Suffolk. We understand that coppicing is not something that is suited to every tree or woodland area. We are armed with extensive experience and knowledge and will assess and advise before carrying out any work. Pollarding may be more common for smaller, residential wooded areas. Residential grounds are less likely to require coppicing. We will visit your site to determine precisely what the best technique and service is for you, and work around you, causing minimum disruption.

Whether you require a coppicing project for a large area or regular pollarding on a smaller space, we are here to help in the best and most budget-friendly way. We have a team of highly experienced individuals with the skills, knowledge and passion for carrying out professional coppicing and pollarding that will enhance and protect. Our case studies will demonstrate some of the projects we have undertaken of late.

Feel free to contact us for further information onĀ 01277 899325

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