Local Sculptor Creates Stunning New Garden Art

Posted on: Tuesday , 7 July 2015 Posted By: admin

Local sculptor, Graham Thrussell has revealed one of his latest pieces of work, The Freedom Faery. Haskett are delighted to share these pictures with you, having had the pleasure of installing previous works of art by Graham into Client’s gardens.

The Freedom Faery

By Graham Thrussell Artist Blacksmith.

This Sculpture represents ones desire to be free.

Although she may be bound to stay rooted and held back by the ivy that entwines her she has found a way to free her spirit.

Her dress represents the great oak of the forest their roots running deep into Mother Earth but their branches like her arms are free to reach out and touch life.

Touch her hands and free your self from what ever may be holding you back from flying high.

“The moment you can visualise being free from the things that hold you back you have indeed begun to set yourself free.”

A hand forged steel frame wrapped in hammered steel each piece welded to form the figure you see before you.

Graham is able to undertake commissions for metal garden sculptures, he has incredible skill in bringing his work to life, with the finest attention to detail. If you can dream it, Graham can make it! Graham can be contacted via Haskett – enquiries@haskett.co.uk or direct to Graham – theforgerymetalart@ymail.com

Large metal fairy feature for garden