Medium Sized Gardens for a Barn Conversion in Fyfield, Essex

Our private clients had purchased a beautiful barn conversion in Fyfield, Essex, but were disappointed with the basic garden.

What had been planted by developers was failing as the ground had been prepared poorly and the layout did not meet their requirements.

We were invited to develop a design which was approved and which, led by discussions, included:

  • A garden fairy water feature
  • A cantilevered deck suspended over the moat bordering part of the garden
  • A woven living willow Wendy house for their 3 year old daughter
  • Low level lighting

A low maintenance planting scheme, incorporating an evergreen backbone, all year round interest, espalier fruit trees and a herb garden.

Our clients have since moved on and we are very pleased to have been invited to design the gardens at their new home.

“We were so pleased with this garden, we’ve decided to invite you back to design the gardens for our new home.”